Monday, 18 June 2012

Aw Man!


On the 29th of May 2007 I pedalled my trike out of Wokingham heading to the south coast and a ferry to France. I was embarking on a journey of unknown length, destinations and experiences.

However at the back of my mind I knew that at some point this day would come....but does it really have to be today!

The plane takes of at 18:30 and lands at Heathrow 21 hours later (and yes I am not looking forward to the flights but I really hope there is a smoking lounge at the transit airport).

You know what this means don't you....I’m going to have to get a job!!

The Horror...The Horror.

So I’ve had fun, pain, pure bloody cold sweat running down your spine terror, absolute joy, moments that I never wanted to end, despair and episodes of intense clarity. I've met some cool people, way to many skank heads, idiots and occasionally people that turned around and said “when I 1st saw you, you looked really mean and frightening but now that I know you......”

As an old friend said “you haven't changed, you're just more you”

Writing this last blog was in no way f******g depressing...I’m lying obviously














Mind you, there is always Plan B