Tuesday, 10 November 2009

notes from a small sofa

The plane from Bangkok landed at Kathmandu international airport in the late morning and my connecting internal flight to Pokhara wasn’t till 2pm. So I had plenty of time to walk the several hundred metres to the domestic terminal….

Hang on a minute…..Noooooooo!

Well that was what was supposed to of happened, but I broke my leg and snapped my ankle in Malaysia during the middle of August! So instead of arriving in Nepal I went to the day surgery unit at Milton Keynes hospital to have the screws removed.

Since the last operation to have my screws fitted back in the 1st week of September I have been mostly bored! Ten weeks of sitting on a sofa thinking about what I should have been doing instead


paragliding in Bali
Diving in Bali
Seeing the dragons on the island of komodo
Hanging out on the Tioman islands (where the film south pacific was filmed) and diving in amongst the pristine corals offshore
Learning to surf in the warm waters off the east coast of Malaysia

I’ve been sitting on two sofas, my parents and my sisters and there are pros and cons to each of them

Parent’s sofa pros
Free beer
When it rains I don’t get wet whilst having a fag outside

Parent’s sofa cons
Afternoon “quiet times”
Having to watch “midsummer murders” seemingly every bloody day!
Getting off the sofa, it’s to low down for comfort

Sister’s sofa pros
Control of the tv remote till 7pm
A double bed to sleep on (round the parents its only a single)
Wifi internet access

Sister’s sofa cons
Having to pay for my own beer and food
Going up the stairs
Not having a downstairs toilet
Cat hair

If it’s raining, getting wet when having a fag!

After the 1st week of the operation I had a nice lightweight polycarbonate cast fitted which was great but the fun started after it came off 4 weeks later….

Q) How much fun can it be to peel dead skin off the sole of your foot?
A) Lots!!!!!

However the people around you might beg to differ.

With the cast off I could start trying to flex my ankle again and stretch my Achilles tendon. Flexing my foot away from me was quite easy to achieve but trying to point my toes towards me hasn’t been as successful. I still have over an inch to go….

Right now I have a two week wait whilst the wound heals and hopefully I’ll avoid getting an infection in it.

After that the physiotherapy rehabilitation begins …..

Ps: every time my sister picked me up from the parent’s house to take me down to her place my parents gave her a cash “bribe” or “backhander” to make sure she did…it’s so nice to be wanted!