Tuesday, 20 November 2007

overwintering in Bodrum

Now that my trike has gone home, my travel plans have had to change a little. The plan is still to travel to India and then on to Nepal.

As i can only get a 6 month tourist visa for India, the plan was to travel around India for 6 months then head into Nepal for a few months trekking in the Himalayas before going back into India with a new 6 month visa. However the best time to trek in Nepal is September till November. İf i left Bodrum now i would get to Nepal 3 months to early. So i have decided to over winter here in Bodrum and leave at the end of February next year.

As i am going to the gym 6 days a week by then i should be a fıt, lean, chilled out travelling machine. İ am currently checking out some apartments to rent for the winter and i hope to more into one this weekend

İts a plan.....well kind of

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Missy goes home

After a long drawn out thinking thought thingy process i came to the conclusion that even though i love my trike, i love having arms and a face that haven't been ripped apart by a dog, or worse a pack of dogs.

So today i packed up Missy and sent her home via TNT. One day i hope to see her again.

Think i might get drunk tonight to try and overcome my loss. Not that i need an excuse these days :)

Monday, 5 November 2007

Still ın Bodrum

After 20 nights staying in the local backpackers hostel i did not feel like leaving bodrum. So i have rented an apartment for the next month (£6 a night...great) and will wait and see. There are far worse places to overwinter, like London!

Lazy days are here again

There is of course another reason why i am staying a bit longer in Bodrum (no....not that one!).When i was triking down the road the other day i was attacked by 4 dogs. Two dogs i could handle but not four! İf it wasn't for a passerby and a big stick i truly feel that i would be in hospital having reconstructive plastic surgery about now. As this is about the thirtieth time i have been attacked by dogs whilst on the trike I'm beginning to feel that enough is enough and the next time i will not be so very lucky.

So right now i am seriously thinking of sending the trike back to England and using buses and trains instead...