Monday, 5 November 2007

Still ın Bodrum

After 20 nights staying in the local backpackers hostel i did not feel like leaving bodrum. So i have rented an apartment for the next month (£6 a night...great) and will wait and see. There are far worse places to overwinter, like London!

Lazy days are here again

There is of course another reason why i am staying a bit longer in Bodrum (no....not that one!).When i was triking down the road the other day i was attacked by 4 dogs. Two dogs i could handle but not four! İf it wasn't for a passerby and a big stick i truly feel that i would be in hospital having reconstructive plastic surgery about now. As this is about the thirtieth time i have been attacked by dogs whilst on the trike I'm beginning to feel that enough is enough and the next time i will not be so very lucky.

So right now i am seriously thinking of sending the trike back to England and using buses and trains instead...

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