Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Down by the sea

Arriving in the late afternoon I easily found a cheap hotel. Dumping my bags I made my way the short distance to have a look at the sea. The breakers crashing on the shore, the storm agitated waters swirling a dirty brown over the light yellow sand. Sand!!! I hate sand…why did I come here :P

The next morning I took a stroll along the shore. The compacted sand made for easy walking and the sound of the sea was loud enough to sooth the most savage of beasts. Lost shallow in thought I didn’t hear the 1st hello but I responded o the 2nd. It’s quite hard to be alone in India even in a small seasonal village during the off season. Anyway I made small talk with the bloke until he made me an offer of gay sex by patting me on the genitals. A few choice Anglo Saxon words followed and he made an undignified retreat of the beach and out of my sight.
Later on walking back along the beach to the village a 30 something local woman started talking to me. After a few minutes of the most formal exchange of information she asked if I would like to come back to her hut and have “tea” with her. However if I didn’t want “tea” with her then she had a younger sister who would be more than happy to have “tea” with me instead. Not feeling “thirsty” I declined. Nearing my hotel I was offered an expansive selection of drugs from all three classes…just another typical morning in India.

Three days later…

It’s still raining, you wake to the sound of rain, have lunch to the sound of rain, lie on the bed reading a book to the sound of rain, walk to the restaurant in the rain…anyone would think it was the monsoon season or something!

The village of Colva is a welcome change from the towns and cities I’ve been to so far. It’s quite quiet with only the odd “taxi mister” being a distraction. There are several bars and restaurant designed with the tourist in mind. I personally recommend the Tate ports bar. Multiple televisions, cold beer and comfy sofas. It makes the best place for a lazy Sunday afternoon beer…which is what I’m doing right now!

I was planning on going to Mangalore tomorrow but I really can’t be arsed.

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