Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Thanjavur : half a day would of been enough

Well it has a world heritage listed temple. Was that a good enough reason to go?

Yes but then again maybe no.

Anyway back to the temple. It’s not the biggest I’ve seen and it was very similar to the ones at Hampi. It did have a large craved bull inside the grounds and one of those psychotic temple elephants. The construction started in the 10th century AD and between then and now it was finished.

Did I mention there is an old palace here in town as well…No, well there is!

I got here yesterday and I’m leaving tomorrow. I heard a rumour that the place I’m going to has a restaurant that serves scotch eggs! If that’s a lie I’m going to find out who wrote the section of the guide book and pay them a little visit late one night.

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