Thursday, 15 January 2009

give me a can of red bull...

……at least that way I would have wing(s)!!!!!

Because what I don’t have right now is mine. I mean I paid for it 28 days ago. For the last 6 days it has been hiding somewhere in Kathmandu…why?

• They have to break down the shipment and sort through it
• It hasn’t cleared customs.
• Its cleared customs but they have to break down the shipment and sort through it…mmm now that sounds familiar.
• It will be here tomorrow.
• Well, it could be here tomorrow or maybe next week.

Q: What’s Nepalese for “customer care”?
A: It’s a trick question; they have no real concept of the idea. Unless you add “: don’t” between the two words!

(Adam, the owner is on holiday in Thailand at the minute….the bastard!)

So, can you guess what I am right now? That’s right; amazingly pissed off! In fact I haven’t been this annoyed since that car almost ran over me on the approach to Sorrento back in 2007.

And don’t even get me started on:

• The 16 hour a day power cuts
• How expensive beer is
• Nepalese cheese
• The fact that my house has no heating

But most importantly don’t mention the words “Andrew, has your paraglider turned up yet?” ALRIGHT!!!!!

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