Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Iron Maiden

I had a cunning plan to escape the heat of Chiang Mai; run to the hills and the small village of Pai. It was an easy 3.5 hour mini bus ride to get there and as we headed into the mountains the heat dropped. Unfortunately the village of Pai is in a valley and is just as hot! It is quite nice mind you. I found myself a place to stay and then went for a wander around. It has 3 main streets and lots of soi or side streets as the Thai’s call them. After about 20 minutes I had seen all that there was to see. Time for a siesta!!!

In the evening I ended up in a bar (where else did you think I would be) and hanged out with some of the local long stayers from England. The Essex girl that runs the place showed her true class. As she was bringing my bottle of beer to the table, she tripped over the dog and headed to the floor. Now, she may of broken two bones in her foot but she didn’t spill a drop of my beer!

The next day I was up early and as my room only had a ceiling fan slightly moist. After coffee and the usual I headed out of the village for a bimble. 3 hours later I was back at my room lame! The side of my right foot was going ouch. I really didn’t do too much for the rest of the day. In the evening I went and had a roast dinner at the pub (it’s called the Pai corner in case you ever come here) and for the 1st time in 53 weeks I had roast potatoes…and yes I have been counting!

My last day in Pai saw me rent a little twist and go scooter. I headed out along the highway to a national park some 50kms away, followed by a less than impressive waterfall (well it is the “dry season”) and then a long blast on a very quiet and bendy road to see a hot spring. It was hot and it was a spring…what more can I say! Having forgot to take any sun cream with me I got a little red (but the next day it was brown).

This gave me an idea. I don’t have to be in Bangkok till the 4th of May….road trip!!!!!!

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