Tuesday, 5 June 2007

well, its been a week

Well I spent the last week traveling from Wokingham down to Weymouth. During that time I’ve managed to roll the trike, put a hole into one of the panniers (which aren’t waterproof by the way even if the manufacturer says they are) sleep rough on the side of the road and come to thank the fact that I’ve gave up smoking in January.

Luckily I have been enjoying my time on and off the trike and some of the local ciders have been a real treat. As always, I recommend the red lion pub in Swanage for drinking and the Man of War pub at the campsite on durdle door, just because sometimes the 1 mile walk uphill from the pub in the village was out of the question.

For the first week of many I’ve been taking it easy and letting my legs and lungs get used to the strain. What I have come to enjoy is the fact that I have got so much time on my hands. Even if I spend 6-8 hours on the road because most of the time I have been sleeping in my tent you tend to wake up when the sun rises and the birds start singing. You realize how many hours there are in the day!

I’ll be getting on the ferry to France in the morning and hanging out in St. Malo for a few nights before heading south.

All in all, this is so much better than working

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