Friday, 9 April 2010

In the land of the obese... the overweight man slim?

Er....No! I'm still a fat bastard

The ten hour flight to Vegas took 12 hours. The computer in Manchester that works out all the load info for Virgin had crashed, so not a single Virgin flight could take off till the computer was fixed or the pilots had worked out all the math on the back of a napkin. Hence the two hour delay.

Clearing customs took an hour but at least there was no wait for the baggage.

Las Vegas is 8 hours behind Wokingham so when I finally crashed out at 11pm I had been awake for over 24 hours. Fun times this jet lag thing!

The next day I was on the bus to a shop to buy even more camping/travelling stuff. It took 2.5 hours to travel the 10 miles by bus and when I got back to the hotel I realised I had forgotten to buy a sleeping bag liner. I decided to have a smelly sleeping bag!

Las Vegas isn't really my kind of town. I find gambling to be quite boring (and also expensive). However the bar in the hotel/casino had several large TV screens showing sports. So it was a good weekend for Chelsea and Portsmouth, not so good for Spurs or Manchester united...happy days!

During the last day in Vegas I packed and then repacked my panniers several times, making sure each set of panniers were about the same weight. This is important...I think.

And then it was Tuesday morning....

bear in mind that since the middle of august all I've done really is

smoke fags
eat cheese
drink beer (with the occasional glass of my sister's wine)
sat on my arse
gained about 10 kilos in weigh (and that's me standing in a river in Egypt!)

and now I was starting a bike trip of unknown mileage and length. Plus I've never ridden a bicycle that was fully loaded with panniers before.

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