Thursday, 7 February 2008

bodrum life

I have now been living in Bodrum for 17 weeks and I have another 3 weeks left of my time here. This is the same amount of time it took me to trike here! So much for travelling but since I am not in a rush I don’t really care an awful lot. By some god fortune, the weekend before I leave, Chelsea play Tottenham in the Carling cup final. As the match is on a Sunday (I think) I will be getting on the bus to Selcuk on the Tuesday 26th. Why travel with a hangover.

Once I leave Bodrum I am looking at taking up to 2 weeks travelling along the coast to Istanbul where hopefully I will be able to get a visa for India. If I cant, then it looks like I get to see England again a lot earlier than I thought I would do, just to get the visa. you understand! Its not like I have had enough of travelling yet. I have only really just started!

My days here pretty much flow one into the other. I wake up when I want to, potter around the flat for an hour or two, then five or six times a week walk to the gym at the Delphi hotel in the centre of Bodrum. After that, pop into the backpackers bar for a coke (sometimes a beer if the workout was a “big one”). Then walk back to the apartment, play games on the computer., read, relax (which I have got really good at) Depending on he day, I.e. if there is football or rugby on the telly I will pop back to the backpackers and watch it on the big screen.

Damn I have a hard life.

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