Sunday, 29 July 2007


when i arrived in Florence in the late afternoon after a very long and uphill day, i knew that the campsite was on a hill south of the river overlooking the city. All i had to do was find the river and then the correct bridge to cross over it. 40 minutes later, i had arrived at the campsite and was looking forward to getting off the trike and setting up the tent on a nice shady flat piece of land. What i got was mostly gravel with limited shade from a small olive tree. On the bright side the beer at the bar was cold and wet.

The next day, having woken up at about my usual time of " too damn early" i took the short stroll into Florence. It was nice to be able to bimble around without the tourist herd. By about 08:30 i found myself by the cathedral. At the same time the entrance to the dome opened and after paying my 6 euros i climbed the 463 steps to the top of the dome. The views were well worth the effort! It would not be something that i would do in the hot and stuffy going up the spiral stone staircases.

After that brief bout of exercise i took to meandering around the streets. Bumped into Dave, however he didn't say much, just stood there looking off somewhere in the distance. A few museums caught my eye and i spent a few hours walking around them. Then, brought a paper, bottle of wine and sat outside my tent relaxing.

The following day was spent at the campsite, getting the clothes clean, resting the legs and wondering if it actually possible to massage knees

My time in Florence was limited to three can only spend so much time looking at things till boredom sets in and i was wondering what the lie of the land was like over the hill....

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