Sunday, 29 July 2007

from Venice to Florence

I left Venice after spending 4 rest full nights there. Because of the little break i had the idea of taking it easy for the 1st day and just go about 50k down the road.....that didn't happen DOH! instead i ended up going about 100ks along the coast. Well, the pizzas did need to be burnt off!

Spent a hot and sweaty night in a German friendly campsite on the Adriatic coast. At least they had some decent German beer :). The next day, i decided to go cross country. 80ks later i finally pull up outside a hotel in the little town of Brisighella, tired, hot and feeling very knackered! However, as the hotel had a/c i didn't mind that much.After a beer induced rest full night i awoke feeling alot better but still with slightly aching legs. Luckily it was only 88k to Florence and there were only two mountain passes to go over!

Back in the mountains with tired legs....not the quickest day I've had cycling. I started at 08:30 and didn't get to the campsite till 17:30. looking back....the last 28ks i could of done another day ( after a night in a hotel, with a bath!)

So in the last 3 days I've covered over 270km.....could someone tell why?

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