Tuesday, 21 August 2007

On the road to Bari

i left Sorrento on the Tuesday morning, for the next 5 days it was hot...damn hot...in fact it was so hot that one day after 2 hours of triking i had to take my shirt off and wring out the sweat....did i mention the mountains...well there were mountains, steep ones, with no shade...did i mention that it was hot....damn hot and there were mountains as well. In fact one day i passed a road side temperature gauge and it was showing 51oc...did i mention that it was hot...damn hot and that there were mountains as well, steep mountains, with no shade for hours on end....Okay...i think i made my point.

Now I'm in Bari, in a nice 3 star hotel (only for 3 nights) and Ill soon be on the sea heading towards Greece.

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