Sunday, 12 August 2007

On the road to Sorrento

After looking at the map i decided to go along the coast. Not much chance of coming across any mountains. The roads were flat (mostly) and due to the fact that it is the height of the Italian summer holiday season most of the campsites were full or nearly full. However i was able to to find space along the way. I stayed two nights at one campsite which was only about a third full....the shower (single) didn't work and the toilet ( the only one left that did flush) hadn't been cleaned in weeks. The name of the place....camping Paradise. However, the clothes needed to be washed!

Southern Italy, along that part of the coast anyway, is dirty, smelly, rubbish strewn and sleazy. So i was quite glad to get to Sorrento, even if it did mean having to cycle uphills and cliffs.

On a more sombre note i did come within 5 inches of being wiped out. I was coming downhill the hill into Sorrento, the road behind me was empty so i was maxing out the speed and on a racing line. I entered into a nice tight right hand bend, hugging the wall, with my body leaning over the side of the trike. All of a sudden, a car, coming up the hill decided to overtake on a the blind corner and missed driving into me by the afore mentioned 5 inches. So...sometimes speed saves lives because if i hadn't of been going fast i wouldn't of been hugging the corner......

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