Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Delphi to Athens

It only took me two days to get from Delphi to the campsite just outside of Corinth. It was right on the beach (again!) and i had shade and hammock i stayed for 4 days. The 1st day i walked into the modern town of Corinth, some 3km away. (yes, you read it right..."walked"...must be fit or something!) Found a bank, followed by a day old broadsheet from England and then sat in a cafe reading the paper, drinking ice coffee and watching the world go by. The following day was Sunday and it was also election day in a day was spent swimming, floating ( its the only way i can "sunbathe") and guessed right...swinging in my hammock.

On the Monday i walked the 3.5km to ancient Corinth (and it was uphill..!!!!) The place was really great. It was the quietest site that I've been too, which was a very good thing indeed! There were a few Bible groups hanging about the place but i am nothing if not tolerant :). I spent the morning there chilling out, just sitting around the site under the shade of various trees.

The following day it was back on the road to Athens. It was about 85km to the city centre, so i did it in two days! The 1st day was only about 2 hours on the road, over the isthmus canal and along the coast road to the "last campsite till Athens". The following day i took a short cut across an island and then when i got to Athens, spent about 2 hours getting very lost( i found it amazing how many places didn't sell road maps of Athens. imagine getting to Trafalgar square and trying to cycle to ealing without a map and just a vague sense of direction). After working out a good method of crossing 3 lanes of speeding traffic (don't ask me what it is...,my mum reads these!) which i used on several occasions i arrived at the campsite. The place is right next to a dual carriageway and the host is the most miserable person I've ever met...well until i met the rest of the campsite staff the following day!

I'll be here for about a week. The trike is in the bike shop getting upgrades (expensive ones but well worth it). I've yet too go site seeing....but i have time

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