Friday, 28 September 2007

Island hopping: part 1

After 9 nights in Athens (it took the man at bike shop a little longer than he thought it would but i am now the proud owner of a Rohloff hub gear system) i woke up early to pack up the tent and cycle to the port to catch the 07:25 ferry to Santorini. If you don't know, this island used to be a big volcano till it blew up leaving just parts of the crater rim intact. Anyway after 8 hours or so on the ferry i arrived and got off the ferry to see the crater wall looming up about 400m into the sky. (okay it was more like 285m)

As i started to trike up the f**king steep road i was glad that i had changed gear systems, 'cause now i had lower gears than i had before. This was a very good thing indeed. The "hill" was, so far, the steepest road that i have been up and if i was still using my old derailleur system then i really would of been straining my knees...

I'll be here for a week might even hire a scooter or if i am feeling stupid and have a death wish then it will be a quad bike!

update: today (Thursday 4th ) is my last day on the island. Tomorrow morning I'm up bright and early to catch the ferry to Paros for a weeks holiday with my family!

So, what's happened in the last week i here you ask, Well, on my 1st night here i manged to avoid having my right knee cap destroyed by the kick from a horse by about 4 inches ( reason 84 on why i hate horses). After that little episode a beer was in order and so was watching the rugby. Mind you the bar was charging 8 euros for a bottle of amstel so i didn't drink that much (and if you believe that then quickly run to the window to watch the pigs fly past)

The rest of the week was mainly spent sitting in the hammock, reading the papers and various books and nearly always having a beer nearby. Yesterday i did hire a little twist and go scooter for the day. I speed around the island, chilling out looking at the views. At one point i had the "pleasure" of running over a cat. Its dead and i nearly crashed but i managed to save the scooter from having a low side.....and no i didn't stop!

After Paros I'm off to Bodrum in Turkey for 20 days D&D.....can't wait!!!

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