Friday, 5 October 2007

Island hoppıng: part 2

As ı left santorini on the ferry to Paros to meet up wıth my family it came to my attention that the last time i had a family holiday i was 12 years old! Still, worse things happen at sea... When i got to paros i had a 11km ride over the hills to the town where i would be spendıng the week ( cheers sister...what was wrong wıth the town right next to the port? )

The week was a time spent relaxıng with and takıng the piss out of the family. Well its the last chance i will have!

From there ıt was back to Athens, hang around for 3 hours for the overnight ferry to the island of kos. İt docked at the port at 05:30 and then all i had to do was wait around till 16:30 for the ferry to Bodrum

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