Friday, 11 February 2011

Empty calories

With Malin (or Melissa according to google translate) gone, life became easy, laid back and slow once again. Breakfasts were black and strong and took an hour and I didn't have to worry about sleepless nights due to the snoring.

On Friday the 11th of February I caught a bus to San Pedro Sula. I had a choice of 2 types of buses

Type A) was a cheap bus that left at 7am
Type B) was expensive but left at 10:30am

At 10:25 I was about to get on the bus but I was stopped from boarding because I had exposed and naked shoulders....and as everyone knows that makes me a thug and makes the bus company look cheap! The only sleeved top I have was my jumper....I was not a happy bunny, despite the A/C! Three moody hours later the bus arrived in San Pedro and as soon as my feet hit tarmac the jumper came off and the dark clouds circling my head drifted off.

Walking around the corner I got on another bus, a cheap one this time, sat down in the worn out seat and opened the window. I relaxed as the bus trundled down the road for about two leisurely hours. All good things must come to an end and this bus ride was no exception. Jumping out at the Tela junction I hopped into a taxi for a quick ride into the centre of the small seaside town that was Tela.

I got a hotel room one block from the main square (and yes it did have A/C and cable tv) dumped my bags and went for a bimble. Later on in the evening it started to rain and it really didn't stop till midday the following day. Ninety minutes later it started to rain again and carried on well into Sunday morning.

I'm confused, I thought the wet season happened at the same time as the hurricane season”

A small seaside town is no place to be when its raining so I got on a local bus on Sunday morning and went down the coast to La Ceiba, a large seaside town, a few hours away. By the time bus pulled into the bus station it was only drizzling and after the usual the rain stopped completely. As it wasn't to far to the hostels I walked.

I ended up staying at the Banana Guest House as it was the 1st hostel I came across. It costs $2 more than the excellent CafĂ© ViaVia in Copan. The best way to describe it would be by the following three words “paint costs money” and a friendly greeting seemed out of their price range as well. However as it was only for a few nights and it had excellent WiFi I won't complain (well not to much anyway).

Three blocks away from the hostel was the Expatriates Bar and Grill, which had super cold beer, great steaks and ashtrays at the bar. Yes that's right you can smoke indoors in Honduras...happy days are here again!

On Tuesday morning I left the hostel early and got a taxi to the docks. At 09:30 the ferry left the port and headed out across the Caribbean sea towards the Bay Island of Utila.

Hello cheap diving Mecca.....

Tuesday 22nd

Well I have been here for a week now and I've managed to do 3 days of diving, it would have been 4 days but today the dive shop didn't have enough equipment....tossers!!!
The diving here is scenic and I was surprised by the lack of marine life. There ain't a lot of large fish around and compared to Caye Caulker the reefs look quite empty. So I think it's time to move on.

On a more depressing note my camera has stopped working!

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