Wednesday, 30 March 2011

On Google earth it’s yellow


Right now it's an early afternoon in the last days of March. I'm hanging out in the town of San Juan del Sur. Its a small little surf town near the border of Costa Rica. Like the Vietcong I don't surf, so its a case of hanging out, relaxing and enjoying the A/C in my expensive hotel room. I really need a break from being moist whilst I sleep.

It also gives me a chance to catch up on what I've been doing....basically nothing at all!!!

I spent several nights in Leon for no other reason than the hostel had nice hammocks. Although the art museum is well worth a visit. From Leon I took a chicken bus via the capital to the colonial city of Granada on the shores of lake Nicaragua. The hammocks in the hostel were even nicer than the ones at Leon!

In Granada there are lots of things to do and see....apparently

After several nights in Granada I moved on to the island of Ometepe. The island is basically two volcanoes linked together by an isthmus. The ferry crossing took around an hour and as the wind was blowing hard, the swell was up and the small heavily loaded boat pitched and rolled and not everyone had sea legs! Once the boat was close to the island the larger volcano blocked out the wind and the waves were gone.

The hotel were I stayed had fantastic hammocks!!!

I did manage to get out of them for a day's travel around the island by motorbike. I didn't see too much of the southern part as the road conditions were terrible....and buses use them...amazing.

Tomorrow I'll be getting on yet another bus and heading to and across the border into Costa Rica.

But right now its time for another ice cold beer!

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