Thursday, 3 March 2011

To the border


I left the hotel bright and early with my new rucksack upon my back. Everything fitted into it apart from my cane and my trainers. It was time to let the cane go and as for my trainers....even with my limited sense of smell they were beyond saving. Besides, having 3 pairs of shoes is excessive.

I got a taxi to the bus station and waited an hour for the bus to leave. My destination for the day was the town of Choluteca, near the Gulf of Fonseca and the pacific coast. It only took about 4 hours of travelling in a nice air conditioned bus to get there and I got dropped off at the edge of town. I took a taxi to the centre, because it's damn hot in this part of the country, and then found a coffee shop for a caffeine fix and to look in the guide book for a hotel.

Not really knowing what part of town I was in a got another taxi to my hotel of choice only to find that according to the taxi driver it didn't exist (can't say I was that guide book is just like me, loads of faults and infuriatingly inconsistent). He took me to another hotel, which was full and then I decided to walk back towards the centre of town in search of a hotel. Guess what, I found one just about 100m from the coffee shop! It wasn't the best hotel or the cheapest but I didn't care.

The next day it was time to leave Honduras and head to the Nicaraguan border. I choose to cross the border at El Espino and I got a bus to the nearby town of San Marcos before waiting over an hour for a minibus to the border. The minibus was a 12 seater but the driver managed to squeeze in 23 people. Thankfully it was only 10kms to the border!!

The border crossing was easy, simple and straight forward but I did get ripped off by a money changer.....not that surprising really!!

Once in Nicaragua I got a taxi to the nearby town of Somoto.

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